(Kids and Teens Classes)

All competitors MUST have a current UNAA membership. Click here to get a membership Membership Fee is $25.00 and is good for one season. All athletes who are not UNAA registered, should not be allowed to compete, and will forfeit any placement in the Finals.   
The course will consist of 10 - 15 obstacles and be timed.  There will be both a Kids Class (ages 10-13) and a Teen Class (ages 14-17). Scores will determine the victor. Score is both progress on the course as well as time to achieve said progress.  Each competitor will be allotted TWO try's per obstacle. If a competitor fails an obstacle, and still has try's remaining on that obstacle he/she may retry the obstacle, from it's start point. 
If the obstacle needs to be reset the following procedure is to be followed:
The competitor must run back to the beginning of the obstacle, at which point
event staff will pause the clock, reset the obstacle, then prompt the competitor ready,
then resume the clock. 
Failure to complete the obstacle in the allotted try's will result in termination of the run. Athlete's runs, when completed, will be recorded by the last obstacle finished, and at what time their run was terminated. (e.g. The athlete fails to complete the fifth obstacle in the course, therefore the last obstacle completed is recorded, as well as their time). Competitors should note, time used to attempt an obstacle, regardless of completion, is counted. Athletes may terminate their run at anytime regardless of progress made.
Athletes will state “cut” to the head judge, to terminate their run. Finishing more of the course will always take precedence over time. (e.g. Athlete A finishes the fourth obstacle in 3 minutes, whereas Athlete B finishes the fifth obstacle in 5 minutes, Athlete B is the victor in this situation). 
Courses will be reset for each run. In the event of a course malfunction or reset failure on the course the following procedure is to be completed: 
The Time Keeper judge will reset the clock to the time of the last completed obstacle.
The head judge will then return the competitor to the position at which they completed
the previous obstacle, resume the clock and finish the course.
The top 3 finalists from each class will move on the the Championship Finals. 
We will have at 2 judges on hand for each athlete's run. One Judge (Head Judge) will have one reliable timer and focus on the athlete’s full completion of each obstacle. The second Judge will be responsible for keeping time. Head Judges are allowed to pause the runs for emergencies, course malfunctions, or equipment malfunctions only. 
There will be a walk through demonstration of each course. Any athlete that steps on the set boundaries should be deemed “clean” and allowed to continue. However this final decision will reside with the Head Judge at each qualifier. 
The UNAA allows general climbing chalk and general athletic tape to assist competitors. Gloves and sticky finger products are NOT allowed. Competitors will be allowed to wear chalk bags on the course. However each chalk bag will be considered part of your persons. (E.g. if the chalk bag touches behind a boundary, it will be considered a fail). Chalk will be provided.